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Special Subject: The Republic of China on Taiwan

Hello Geographers Worldwide!

This is just a short information about the main subjects, I am interested in and I would be pleased to hear any comments from You!These pages are just a first try to get experience(d) with webpages!Later examples are hopefully made in a more professional way! ;-)

The main subject here is the Republic of China on Taiwan, which still suffers a kind of diplomatic pariah status although democracy is fully implemented on Taiwan today!

With its more than 21 Mio. people this seperate political entity plays a major role on economic as well as cultural fields worldwide and is widely supported by overseas chinese! In order to provide some more information I put some links together, which give a view about interesting topics concerning the ROC on Taiwan!Enjoy them!!

Government Information Office

The China Post

Taiwan Journal

But there are other subjects as well:

Tourism is a growing economic and social factor with lots of opportunities but problems as well! Especially in countries like Burma (Myanmar) and Vietnam or Cambodia there is a great potential for tourism but with different political and economic problems to be recognized, too! For discussions on that just visit the rec.travel.asia newsgroup and post a message there! Those countries mentioned above are really interesting and You´ll find a lot of information about them on the web!

Just try some of the fast search engines like Google or Webcrawler to find out more!! If You like to visit my university´s homepage or the homepage of the geographical department, You are warmly welcomed but consider, there is much german stuff to be found!

Further info on my favourite band Deep Purple can be found on Official Deep Purple Site or Deep Purple Appreciation Society as well! Extra pages on this subject can be found easily on the search portals mentioned above!!

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